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Are you safe? Threat Meter - iPhone Application Demo

Available on the iPhone App Store

Are you safe? Now Washington, DC

Are You Safe lets you know how safe you are at all times based on your current location within the city.

All it takes is a quick tap to see a threat meter of your safety level along with hyperlocal crime data broken down by type.

  • Simple visual representation of your safety level on the Threat Meter
  • Up to date crime data from police and local city/governments
  • Dynamically updated recent crime data for your surrounding area
  • Walk /drive /bike /bus /canoe around and see your status update as you go
  • Visiting and unfamiliar with the city?
  • Debating whether to walk or take a cab?
  • Headed to an area you haven't been to before?
  • Not sure if you should park your car on the street?
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